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New Project: Genesis House by Charles Creative 11/03/2015
New Event: Project 1 Meeting: Genesis by Charles Creative 04/06/2015
New Page: Join Oaks of Sherman by Charles Creative 03/27/2015

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Community with a Mission

Networking for Good: We are an organization of small businesses and entrepreneurs that work together on community service projects. We are founded on the idea that we create the strongest bonds by working together to support our neighbors and those in need. Every few months we select a new project. We ask each of our members to dedicate a few hours of their time to providing a service related to their professional expertise.

Join the Oaks of Sherman to participate in a community of leaders from all fields; professional and creative. Join us as we support our community and each other. Our objective is to make a meaningful impact on the families and businesses in our area. What that means, specifically, changes with each new member and what they bring to our community. Your participation will shape our mission to give back.

Welcome: The Oaks of Sherman site is a portal for Oaks of Sherman members and our community. We use the site to promote our members as well as highlight our community involvement. Please consider their goods and services, and consider joining us!

Of course, you don't (and won't) have to live in Sherman Oaks, but this is where we'll do most of our meet and greet activities.

New Projects Update and Genesis House

We will soon be launching our "Projects" section, where we will display current and past philanthropic projects. We will use this to both promote the work that our members have done and highlight the additional needs that still require the attention of the community. More soon! -Jeff [UPDATE: Project page is live, see link in main menu above ^^]

La Via Coaching Podcast 1

Our First Podcast is now available on Soundcloud. We had a powerful conversation with Holly Nicholson, entrepreneur and business woman, on accomplishing her goals. Please check it out, and contact us if you would like to participate in one of our upcoming podcasts! Our site and and podcast are linked below:

December News from Oaks of Sherman

Howdy Folks! We had a great first meeting a couple weeks back, the first of the Oaks of Sherman. Our goal was to begin to build our team and brainstorm on ways we can have a positive impact on our community. It was a success. Look for new features, new initiatives, and the second meeting all coming soon. For new members, please be patient, and email me ( jeff@charlescreative.com ) if you have any questions or concerns. Make sure to add "admin@oaksofsherman.com" to your list of approved senders, or else you may be missing out on notifications.

Kaarya Hammond Signs With Colleen Cler Agency For Commercial Representation

Kaarya Hammond, who recently starred in a commercial for Disney, has just signed with Colleen Cler Agency for commercial and print representation. Hammond is moving fast in her young acting career. Within weeks of signing with Harris Management for management, she landed her first major commercial, in her very first audition. The spot was for Disney Interactive. And just a couple of weeks later she has now been picked up for representation by Colleen Cler.